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American Indexes



California Indexes


       California Birth Indexes        (last updated 1st October 2018)


       California Marriage Indexes     (last updated 1st October 2018)


Canadian Indexes


             Manitoba Birth, Marriage & Death Indexes       (updated 9th february 2019)


Indexes for Other Provinces and Territories to Follow

Location Indexes


by country.  This index shows which branches of the Audley Family Tree have individuals in various countries

pdf       index by country     

 (updated 12th February 2020) 


by registration district. For England and Wales

pdf        index by registration district

(updated 16th January 2020)













Australia and New Zealand - Birth, Marriage and Death Indexes



     New South Wales, Birth, Marriage and Death Indexes (updated 19th August 2016)

    Queensland, Birth, Marriage and Death Indexes ( updated 19th August 2016)

     South Australia, Birth, Marriage and Death Indexes (updated 19th August 2016)

     Victoria, Birth, Marriage and Death Indexes (updated 8th February 2019)

    Western Australia, Birth, Marriage and Death Indexes (updated 19th August 2016)

Please note that the above list does not cover all the States and Territories within Australia


New Zealand 

      New Zealand, Birth, Marriage and Death Indexes (updated 19th August 2016)





Summary of Indexes

The purpose of these indexes is to help you identify, from a small piece of information about an individual with either the Audley or Aidley surname, the 'Tag' number for that individual. From that 'Tag' number one can identify the branch of the Audley Family the individual belongs and their individual number within that Family Tree.

 'Tag' numbers take the following form for example an individual with the 'Tag' {G17} is the 17th individual within Audley Family G.  Occasionally tag numbers have two letters for example {ZT12} in this case the first letter represents the relevant branch of the Audley Family and the second letter represents a sub-family within the main family.

 The following webpages contain indexes:

Name Indexes This webpage contains indexes by name such that if one simply knows the name of an individual one can identify the 'Tag' numbers of the individual of individuals with that name.

Birth Marriage and Death Indexes  This webpage contains Birth Marriage and Death indexes for both the Audley and the Aidley Surname. These indexes are based on the General Register Office (GRO) indexes. In addition for the Audley surname there is an index 'by Registration District'. This index list for each Registration District which branches of the Audley Family registered a birth marriage or death event in that registration district

Census Indexes This webpage contains a number of indexes based on various census so that if you know the location of an individual in a census you can identify the individuals Tag number.




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