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'Audley Pedigrees' by A L Reade

In the 1920s George Audley (see photograph below) of Liverpool commissioned A L Reade to undertake research into the Audley surname. As a result of this work a 20-chapter book titled ‘Audley Pedigrees' was privately published.

250 copies were produced of which 247 copies were presented to various libraries.

When A.L. Reade died in in 1950 all his research records were deposited in the 'Special Collections & Archives' section of Liverpool University Sydney Jones Library.

The family trees presented on the 'Family Tree' page of this website: includes and extends the information contained within Chapters 8, 11, 14, & 20 of 'Audley pedigrees' and incudes previously unpublished research by A L Reade.

'Audley Pedigrees' by A.L. Reade
To see which Libraries and Universities were presented with copies of 'Audley Pedigrees' by A.L. Reade please pdf click here

pdf Notes and Queries

Notes and Queries is a small publication published 12th November 1927 by A L Reade. This document was essentially a request by the author for additional information about 'The Audley Family'.


pdf Chapter 1


Audley of Welbourn and Grantham (Co. Lincs) and of Upwell (Co. Norfolk)




pdf Chapter 11

Audley of Audley of Wiltshire, and of Swaffham (Co. Norfolk)

The information in this chapter forms part of  Audley Family Z on the family tree page of this website


pdf Chapter 2

Audley of Audley of Great Gransden (Co. Huntingdon) and of Houghton Conquest (Co.Bedford)






pdf Chapter 12

Hugh Audley, the "Usurer"

Please also see the  file below that discusses whether the name of Hugh Audley's mother was Margaret or Maudelin

pdf Margaret or Maudelin

The information in this chapter forms part of Audley Family X on the family tree page of this website 


pdf Chapter 3

Audley of Audley of Roxton (Co. Bedford) and Huntington'


pdf Chapter 13

John "Awdelay", the London Printer



pdf Chapter 4

Audley of Henlow (Co. Bedford) and of London




pdf Chapter 14

Audley of Audley, (Co. Staffs.) and of Nantwich (Co. Chester)

The information in this chapter forms part of  Audley Family T on the family tree page of this website 


pdf Chapter 5

Audley of Buckingham and Fulham


pdf Chapter 15

Audley of Marlborough


pdf Chapter 6

Audley of Husborne Crawley (Co. Bedford)


pdf Chapter 16

Audley of Holborn,and of Beccles, Co. Suffolk



pdf Chapter 7

Audley of Patrington-in-Holderness (Co. Yorks.)


pdf Chapter 17

Audley of Audley of London and Rotherhide




pdf Chapter 8

Audley of Alrewas (Co. Staffs.) and of Birmingham

The information in this chapter forms part of  Audley Family U on the family tree page of this website 


pdf Chapter 18

Audley of St. Dunstan-in-the-East, and of Stepney





pdf Chapter 9

Audley of Berechurch (Co. Essex) The Lord Chancellor's Line


pdf Chapter 19

Audley of Hitchin



pdf Chapter 10

Audley of St Ives, Co. Hunts





pdf Chapter 20

 Audley of Liverpool

The information in this chapter forms the basis of  Audley Families A, AA, AB, AC, AD, E, F, G in the Family Tree pages of this website 


GeorgeAudleyEsqJ PByJAABerrieRCA


{G50} George Audley who funded 'Audley Pedigrees' by A L Reade

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