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{ZC15} Bishop Edmund Audley

Whilst no image of Bishop Edmund Audley (c1439 - 1524) appears to exist his legacy can be seen from the following photographs

     Hereford Cathedral

 The list of Bishops Edmund Audley 1492

 The Audley Chapel    The Edmund Audley Monogram on chapel door
The 3 images above have been published with the kind permission of the Dean & Chapter of Hereford Cathedral who retain copyright and ownership


   Salisbury Cathedral
 The Audley Chapel    Ceiling Boss showing Audley Coat of Arms
   The above photographs of Salisbury Cathedral are published by permission of Julie Wilson

Edmund Audley (c1439 - 1524) was the second son of James Tuchet, fifth Baron Audley and his second wife Eleanor Holland. He took the surname Audley. The key points in his life are summarised below:


Probably resident at Lincoln College Oxford


Graduated Bachelor of Arts (BA)


Awarded Master of Arts (MA)


Became Bishop of Rochester


Awarded Doctorate of Theology (DTh)


Admitted to prebend of Colwall in Hereford Cathedral


Became archdeacon of the East Riding of Yorkshire


Admitted canon and prebendary of St George's Chapel Windsor


Also became archdeacon of Essex


Transferred to become Bishop of Hereford


Transferred to become Bishop of Salisbury


Also appointed as chancellor of the Order of the Garter


Died at Ramsbury and buried in the Audley Chapel Salisbury Cathedral

The above information summarised from the 'Oxford Dictionary of National Biography'

More information about Bishop Edmund Audley can be found in the following documents on this website

pdf       Audley Pedigrees Chapter 11      titled 'Audley of Wiltshire, and of Swaffham, Co. Norfolk'

pdf       Family ZC - The Barons Audley       


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