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Other Published Information

This page contains links to a number of documents that contain information about the 'Audley Family History':



 Book Title and Brief Description

pdf Peerage of England


Collins 'Peerage of England' 6th Edition published in 1812




pdf The Parentage of James De Audley KG


The Parentage of James De Audley KG by Josiah Wedgewood MP and published as part of the Staff Colls. Collection

This excellent publication details the family tree of the early Audley families including the Barons Audley prior to the Baron Audley Title being taken over by the Touchet Family.




pdfCounty Families


'County Families of Lancashire & Cheshire' by James Croston F.S.A  Published 1887

Contains details regarding how the author believed that the Audley Family and the Stanley family were related




 pdfPeerage and Pedigrees


'Peerage and Pedigree. Studies in Peerage Law and Family History' by J Horace Round M.A., LL,D. Volume Two. Published 1910

Contains a very detailed study regarding the origin of the Audley Family and their relationship with the Sneyd and Stanley families.




 pdfOld Cheshire Families


'Old Cheshire Families & Their Seats' by Lionel M. Angus-Butterworth F.R.G.S., F.Z.S., F.S.A.,Scot. Published in 1932 & reprinted 1970.

Contains details regarding how the author believed that the Audley Family and the Stanley family were related. (it is an almost perfect copy of the work by James Croston above




 pdfCheshire Squires


Article titled 'Sir James Audley's Cheshire Squires' by James Blundell from 'The Coat of Arms' an heraldic quarterly magazine published by The Heraldry Society Vol 1 No 91 Autumn 1974.




 pdfAudleys in America


An American book published in 1991/1992 titled 'Audleys after the Civil War'. It essentially consists of a list of people with the Audley surname who were born in America from 1865 onwards and died after 1930. It also includes a list of people with the Audley surname in the American phone books of 1991.




 pdfBarons Audley of Heley and Hulton Abbey


 The Barons Audley of Heley and Hulton Abbey by Thelma W Lancaster.

This article  was first published as the Presidential Address to the North Stafforshire Field Club and published in that society's Transactions 1993 - 4. It was also published in issue 1 of 'The Audley Historian'.




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