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Audley Standards and Battle Pennons


 The Audley Battle Pennon was carried by  {ZC3} James Touchet Lord Audley of Heleigh at the Battle of Blore Heath near Market Drayton on 23rd September 1459. James Touchet Lord Audley was the leader of the Lancastrian Forces in this the first battle of the Wars of the Roses. He was slain in the battle and is buried in Darley Abbey in Derbyshire. A cross was erected after the battle at the place where Lord Audley fell and it still stands to this day. For more information on the Battle of Blore Heath see the Blore Heath website.       We are not sure of the source of the above image but it is very similar to the standard shown on the  ‘Who fought’ page of the Blore Heath website.



 The above standard is that of 'Syr John Awdeley Knyghte' this is believed to be {ZC4} Baron John Touchet Lord Audley the son of {ZC3} whose Battle Pennon is shown above. The source of this image is 'Banners Standards and Badges from a Tudor Manuscript in the College of Arms with an introduction by Lord Howard de Walden' published in 1904.

The wording on the standard is three words with the last word being split between two lines:

IE LE TIENS being the motto 'Je Le Tiens' meaning 'I hold it'


 The image to the right is of the  door to the Audley Chapel in Hereford Cathedral. The Chapel commemorates {ZC15} Bishop Edmund Audley. Above his initials is the ‘Fret’ which is part of the Audley ‘Coat of Arms’ and below the initials is a Butterfly. It should be notes that {ZC3} James Touchet, 5th Lord Audley of Heleigh, whose Battle Pennon is shown at the top of this page was the Father of {ZC15} Bishop Edmund Audley; and {ZC4} ‘Syr John Awdeley Knyght’ immediately above is the half brother of {ZC15}Bishop Edmund Audley.
The interesting thing is that the Battle Pennon, the Standard and the monogram on the chapel door all show a butterfly or butterflies.

The entrance to the Audley Chapel in Salisbury Cathedral showing on the left above the door a fret and on the right above the door a butterfly


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