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We ensure that all our data is checked and correct, this is a hobby to the owners of the site and therefore taking our time and getting it right is what we are known for.

Audley DNA

This website contains DNA information from three male individuals with the  Audley surname. They are members of Audley Families A, B and J. The DNA information suggests that:

      • There is a close (but not perfect) genetic relationship between Audley Families A and B, indicating that it is highly likely that the members of these branches of the Audley Family have a common ancestor.
      • There is no genetic relationship between Audley Family J and Audley Families A and B, indicating that there is no chance that the members of Audley Family J will share a common ancestor with the members of Audley Families A and B.

There are a number of  ways to explain these results:

      • When surnames were adopted in the 13th & 14th centuries two or more unrelated individual could have taken  the suname Audley. It is probable that the Audley surname originated from the village of  Audley in Staffordshire England.( see website page titled 'origin of surname'). If two or more unrelated individuals at the same or at different times move away from the village they could become known at their new abode as 'of Audley' to distinguish them from somebody else with the same personal name. Overtime the 'of Audley' developed into the Audley Surname.
      • A completely different, but similar surname transformed into the Audley surname resulting in the Audley surname having more than one  origin. This could have occurred in a similar way to the way, I believed, that the Aidley surname developed from the Audley Surname (see Audley Family R). This transformation would have occurred when the average person could not read and write and the only time a surname was written down was when the Parish Priest wrote it down in the parish registers.
      • The father of a male Audley was not an Audley. There are a number of documented instances of this in the research done by the contributors to this website.

So  how do we identify which of the above possibilities is correct:

      • The only way to resolve the issues with regard to the origins of the various branches of the Audley families is to collect more DNA data from as many male members of the Audley Family. If you are male and use either the Audley or Aidley surnames and have either had or are prepared to arrange for your DNA to be tested, the administrators of this website would appreciate a copy of the results.

The administrators of this website only have limited expertise in DNA Family History Research, the bulk of our research is still the standard genealogical technique of documentation research. If there is anyone out there with some experiance of DNA research I would appreciate any advice you are prepared to give.

The sub pages of this web page contains:

      • A summary table showing a summary of the DNA information collected to date. This table allows for the inclusion of DNA information from all branches of the Audley Family as and when it is collected
      •  The detailed DNA information collected.


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