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 {YB3} Frank (Francis) H Audley

 Frank H Audley, who conducted a police supply shop at 8 Centre Market, opposite police Headquarters, died yesterday in St Vincent’s Hospital, where he was taken Monday night after being stricken with a complication of disease. Mr Audley, who was 67 years old, had been in the police supply business for ten years. Formerly he was a harness maker, but the development of automobiles  made his trade unprofitable. Mr Audley was the inventor of many appliances used by the police, including a safety holster. He lived in Stamford Conn where a wife, three sons and a daughter survive him
Obituary New York Times  Thursday 11th May 1916

Envelope from letter sent by {YB3} Frank H Audley to his sister {YB4} Mary Ann Fitzgerald (formerly Audley) in 1887


 Frank H Audley registered patents as follows :

1st July 1884 – Hand Loop for Driving Reins (in conjunction with a C.E. Rand)
30th September 1902 –  Holder for Policemen’s Clubs
26th December 1905 – Stirrup
18th September 1906 – Saddle Stirrup
3rd March 1908 Revolver Holster
18th June 1907 – Whip

 pdf     Details of the patents registered by Francis (Frank) Audley

{Z49} Bishop Edmund Audley

Whilst no image of Bishop Edmund Audley (c1439 - 1524) appears to exist his legacy can be seen from the following photographs

     Hereford Cathedral

 The list of Bishops Edmund Audley 1492

   The Audley Chapel    The Edmund Audley Monogram on chapel door
The 3 images above have been published with the kind permission of the Dean & Chapter of Hereford Cathedral who retain copyright and ownership


   Salisbury Cathedral
 The Audley Chapel    Ceiling Boss showing Audley Coat of Arms
   The above photographs of Salisbury Cathedral are published by permission of Julie Wilson


Edmund Audley (c1439 - 1524) was the second son of James Tuchet, fifth Baron Audley and his second wife Eleanor Holland. He took the surname Audley. The key points in his life are summarised below:


Probably resident at Lincoln College Oxford


Graduated Bachelor of Arts (BA)


Awarded Master of Arts (MA)


Became Bishop of Rochester


Awarded Doctorate of Theology (DTh)


Admitted to prebend of Colwall in Hereford Cathedral


Became archdeacon of the East Riding of Yorkshire


Admitted canon and prebendary of St George's Chapel Windsor


Also became archdeacon of Essex


Transferred to become Bishop of Hereford


Transferred to become Bishop of Salisbury


Also appointed as chancellor of the Order of the Garter


Died at Ramsbury and buried in the Audley Chapel Salisbury Cathedral

The above information summarised from the 'Oxford Dictionary of National Biography'

More information about Bishop Edmund Audley can be found in the following documents on this website

pdfAudley Pedigrees Chapter 9 titled Audley of Wiltshire, and of Swaffham, Co. Norfolk· Audley

pdfFamily Z - The Barons Audley file based on 'Baronagium Geanologicum'


{R45} William Audley or Aidley

  {R45} William Aidley or Audley was described as of Crowton a Brickmaker in the 1841 census and a farmer of Dodgley, Kingsley in the 1851, 1861, 1871 and 1881 census. So between 1841 and 1851 his place of residence moved a distance of 3500 metre. This relocation is shown below in a series of images from Google Earth (2010) and the Cheshire Tithe Maps (produced between 1836 and 1851.)

The image below is based on Google Earth:


The map below from the Crowton Tithe Map (date unknown) shows William Aidley or Audley occupying land as a joint occupier with Thomas Yearsley. In the 1841 census Thomas Yearsley was living adjacent to William Aidley. The land they occupied was owned by George Wilbraham. It is speculated that Thomas Yearsley may have been the father of Hannah Aidley the wife of William Aidley, but this remains to be proven.


The field details are as follows:

Plot: 341 Plot Name: Gardens Plot Size: 0 Acres 0 Roods 39 Perches

Plot: 342 Plot Name: Gardens Plot Size 0 Acres 0 Roods 0 Perches

The Google Earth image below shows the same location in 2010:


The map below is the Tithe Map (circa 1845) for Kingsley and shows the fields that were occupied by William Aidley in 1851. The Landowner for all these fields was William Nichols.


The Field details areas follows:

Plot: 153 Plot Name: Dodgeley Plot Size: 2 Acres 2 Roods 4 Perches

Plot; 157 Plot Name: Long Field Plot size: 3 Acres 1 Roods 2 Perches

Plot: 158 Plot Name: Willow Moor Hill Plot size: 5 Acres 1 Roods 21 Perches

Plot: 159 Plot Name: Backside Plot size: 1 Acres 0 Roods 39 Perches

Plot: 160 Plot Name: Homestead Yard & Garden Plot size: 0 Acres 2 Roods 30 Perches

Plot: 161 Plot Name: Near Common Lot Plot size: 4 Acres 1 Roods 6 Perches

Plot: 162 Plot Name: Further Common Lot Plot size: 4 Acres 3 Roods 23 Perches

The Google Earth Image below shows the same location in 2010


{Z37} James Touchet 5th Lord Audley

{Z37} James Touchet 5th Lord Audley was slain at the Battle of Blore Heath on 23rd September 1459. His Family tree can be found in the 'History of Audley Family Z' file that can be found on the 'Family Tree' page of this website.

The two files below contain descriptions of the battle of Blore Heath.

pdfThe Wars of the Roses by Trevor Royal (pages 240 to 242)

Published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2005

pdfThe Daily Telegraph - British Battlefields by Philip Warner (356 to 363)

Published byOsprey Publishing between 1972 and 1975 in  four volumes.



{AC47} Derek Dundonald Audley (1921 - 1942)


For Royal Air Force - 266 (Rhodesia) Squadron at Warmwell in Dorset Saturday 24th October 1942 was a fine day, with good visibility with a strong wind. Six anti - intruder patrols had been carried out without incident. Non-operational flying included formation practice, tail chasing and aerobatics. Unfortunately during these aerobatics, Sergeant Derek Dundonald Audley's Typhoon was seen to break up at 18,000 ft, scattering debris over 5 miles. He was buried on the afternoon of 27th October in the Churchyard of Holy Trinity, Warmwell, Dorset, the son of William & Constance Elizabeth Audley of Durban, South Africa.




Sergeant D D Audley (778599)

The details of Sergeant Derek Dundonald Audley's short RAF career is listed below

Date of Enlistment                                       9 May 1941

(Duration of Present Emergency)


Aircraftman Second Class                           9 May 1941

Leading Aircraftman                                    9 May 1941

Sergeant                                              9 November 1941


Aircrafthand/pilot                                      9 May 1941

Under training pilot                                        Undated

Pilot                                                      27 February 1942


Salisbury                                                         9 May 1941

Initial Training Wing                                    9 May 1941

25 Elementary Flying Training School  1 August 1941

Initial Training Wing                            21 October 1941

20 Service Flying Training School    8 November 1941

Headquarters Middle East                        6 March 1942

3 Personnel Reception Centre                    10 May 1942

5 Air Defence Flight Unit 1                           5 June 1942

Grangemouth                                                  7 July 1942

58 Operational Training Unit                          Undated

266 (Rhodesia) Squadron                            9 September 1942

Killed on active service                       24 October 1942

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